Introduction to starting your own casino

Online casino gambling has become a new trend in the recent years, so if you have ever thought about launching your own online casino, now is the best time. In this A-Z guide to building your own online casino on White Label software. Find more information about why is it never late to start your own online casino or compete with the leading gambling operators.

Online casino gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace in the last 5 years thanks to the growing number of Internet users in the developing countries. What has always been the domain of very big businesses has become the reality and possibility for everybody. Still there are many believing that getting into the iGaming industry is almost impossible for some very important reasons. Let us take a closer look at some of the most popular myths when it comes to starting your own online casino.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Online Casino?

Starting an own online casino may seem as a quite profitable business, especially for those who gamble for real money themselves. Think of how much money have you spent on deposits at your favourite casino for the last twelve months and make a simple calculation on how many more of the same type of players would spend there. That’s a jackpot, right? But there are plenty of stuff to be organised and go smoothly before you can even open your gambling website for web-crawlers.

Software costs

The cost of launching a gambling business using White Label casino solution is based on the decision of company and the service package. Normally, the price begins at 10 grands going as high as $50.000. The amount of the first installment is a sign of seriousness for both the developer and the newcomer. Launching and independent non-white label project will cost you around 5 times more than that.

Affiliate program

One of the easiest ways to promote your new online-casino brand is to promote it on casino-focused websites, forums and social pages – so-called lead-generation pages. These website post a review about your brand and place it in their ranking lists for a certain fixed price or, more frequently, for a certain percentage of the losses of all leads – or players – that this website generated.

Players are attributed and attached to a certain affiliate with the help of referral links created in their affiliate account.

You can set up commission plans in your back end office. There are three most popular deals in the casino affiliate industry: Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid. RevShare – casino and partner share revenues and losses. CPA (Cost Per Action) – fixed amount of money for depositing player. Flat Fee Deals are made when a casino pays a fixed amount for the registration of player or for a deposit.

If you want to get into the top, you will have to pay from hundreds to thousands of dollars just for the exposure – in addition to other type of deals mentioned above.

Player Retention and Acquisition Plan

Welcome bonus packages are additional items of expenditure. Most casinos double the money all players deposit for the first 1-4 times.


If you plan to launch your own casino, you will need staff to make sure the things are going smooth. Own support department counts to expenditure.

Affiliate department is also needed for marketing purposes. You will have to hire a dedicated and professional affiliate manager who will manage the affiliate deals and search for new partners.

Owning an online casino has never been so simple!

In fact, white label software is designed to mitigate the complexity of casino operation.

Have you ever wondered if it is hard to launch an own online casino? Most of us at some point played casino games and thought of having own online gambling website as having your own money-printing machine.

There are two points of view when it comes to this matter. First, many people around the world enjoy gambling online and thought of having their own casino as a super easy deal. From player’s point of view, launching and running a casino on the Internet takes zero efforts and sometimes it looks like casinos run themselves. Why not? Everything is located on a server; third-party developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil provide casino with their licensed online games; customer support is located in the offshore zone. Just one simple conclusion comes into their mind – all you have to do to launch your own online casino is to have the right amount of funds. Say, 50K is enough for a local-targeted brand, right?

The other group of people still think that operating and owning an online casino is more like launching a transnational corporation with offices in 3+ countries, which is next to impossible for a novice operator. They underestimate the actual simplicity and smoothness of white label software solutions for online gambling websites. The price of owning your own online casino is too high and there are too many things to be considered that only insider can pull off.

In your opinion, who is more accurate? Is it really too late to launch a new online casino? Or, it is never late to compete with the leading providers such as Aspire Global, GiG, EveryMatrix or others?

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